Riviera Beach Florida

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Riviera Beach Florida/”/]Late Tuesday afternoon,April 10,we arrived at Riviera Beach Marina to clear customs & immigration after crossing from the Bahamas in 7 hours and never encountered a wave over one foot. On Friday Kelly came and took us for much needed haircuts and supplies.We were unable to leave early Sat.as planned due to weather,so our good friends Mike and Deb Perry picked us up for shore leave. We spent Saturday at their home in Port St. Lucie.One day I took the water taxi over to visit Peanut Island.I saw the historic “Roseway”a 1925 137-foot military vessel.Also JFK’s bunker.The bunker constructed by the SeaBees was a nuclear war contingency during the Cuban Missle Crisis.Anticipating a safe departure to Ft. Pierce early Tuesday morning.Thank you Kelly,Deb and Mike

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